a letter from the end of the first week of hogwarts
  • albus severus:dear mum and dad
  • albus severus:i was in the library today
  • albus severus:reading a book about previous heads of hogwarts
  • albus severus:and i would just like to say
  • albus severus:are you fucking serious
  • albus severus:i demand a name change immediately
  • albus severus:just literally anything else please
  • albus severus:fucking dobby kreacher potter for all i care
  • albus severus:sorry for swearing i just
  • albus severus:bloody hell
  • albus severus:yours sincerely,
  • albus severus:aragog fang potter or some shit

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With just a chill head bop Jordin still manages to have more rhythm than the three tragedies next to her

What in the hell is Lorde doing?

Her best



My friend’s dog had 14 puppies. This is how they’re kept out of trouble while she cleans the house

oh my god

let me touch them
"I know that I’m an adult, but I need a higher level adult." - words that just left my lips and describe my current life. (via enjolrastopheles)

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Special skills: extensive Harry Potter knowledge, can watch an entire TV show in a week, knows words to every Disney song, can form abnormally strong attachments to fictional characters, Microsoft Word

So you mean, able to retain knowledge, has incredible focus and drive, excellent at processing media, remembers obscure details when needed, and has great skill at creating connections with individuals despite minimal interfacing?

And Microsoft Word?

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